Transforming the ordinary into EXTRAordinary.

My passion has always been people. Meeting people, getting to know them, and finding out how I can be of service to them. When people are in the process of selling their home, remodeling, or building, it can be a very overwhelming task. What I’ve found is that people don’t have the time, they lack the resources, and they simply don’t know where to begin.

What I can do is come in with suggestions for cabinets, carpet, paint; whatever they’re in need of, and narrow the field to make those choices easier for their project. This is something that I enjoy doing and it really simplifies that process for the client. I deal with people’s budgets every day. My job is to create the best design for their project that stays within their budget. It’s very important that people understand that I respect those budgets so that it’s not costing them more money in the end and we do our very best by saving them money with resources that I have or just making the best decisions as the project proceeds.

Guiding people through the process of selling, remodeling, or building a home is something I really enjoy. Whether their project is as simple as needing paint colors or window treatments, or as complicated as a full kitchen remodel, my goal is the same… Transforming the ordinary into EXTRAordinary.

- Terri Mitchell, Owner and Designer